Vinyl Banners and why to use them to promote your business

Vinyl Banners – Why and when should you use them to promote your business.

Vinyl banners were bland and boring before the use of digital printers and wide format printers. This was the reason why you only saw banners that contained block letters and very little graphics.  Digital printers along with wide format printers allowed a wide variety of fonts to be used, along with full color graphics.  This allowed for a consistency in branding along with eye catching graphics that will wow potential customers. vinyl banners and why we use them


One of the largest benefits of vinyl banners is the durability. Vinyl material are resistant to ripping and most are weatherproof. These banners are also able to be used in windy areas by punching small holes to reduce the surface area that resists a blowing wind, along with sewed edges that reduce fraying.  Vinyl materials are UV resistant due to over laments or sprays which can extend the life of the a vinyl banner. It protects the banners against UV rays from the sun and can allow the colors of the banner to remain true for a much longer time. The brightness of the colors will stay with the banner for longer allowing your customers and potential customers to enjoy your message for long after your competition’s vinyl banner has become dim!

Digital Printing

Before digital printers the only way you could make a vinyl sign was heating up heat press materials which were vinyl and applying it to larger pieces of vinyl, first vinyl banners.  Clip art was the style of graphics that could be used, which usually meant 1 color graphics unlike the full on color graphics now available. 

 One benefit to digital printing is accurate color representation as well as the use of photograph quality images with thousands, or millions of colors.

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